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An excerpt from “Is Social Rejection the Key to Creativity?” by Cody Delistraty:

Great art was born of great terrors, great loneliness, great inhibitions, instabilities, and it always balances them.  — Anaïs Nin


Jane says: Cheers to the differents!

Cody Delistraty

On the psychology of why rejection and loneliness may be necessary evils for the creative genius

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Jane Reblogs “So You Didn’t Get to Go to AWP” via BREVITY

An excerpt from “So You Didn’t Get to Go to AWP” by Allison Williams:

Imagine a kind-eyed flight attendant with a cart of assorted complimentary drinks. Have a ginger ale and feel virtuous. Find the poem you loved in the bathroom and read it again. Imagine the writer you love most in the world feeling that way about your work. Pass out from exhaustion. In two hours, wake up and write something right away, before you lose the magic.


Jane says: This is the best post I have read on AWP, and the writer didn’t even attend. Judging from the inventory, she has partaken in the madness many, many times. I wish I could be this witty.

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

Picture of Bookfair It’ll be just like this.

Another year of AWP has drawn to a close, and countless editors, writers and journal staffers are heading back to their home institutions with swag bags, connections and newly autographed books.

Not everyone got to go to AWP, and I just want to say that’s OK. We’re all in this together. In case, like me, you were at home watching the literary world scroll by on social media, here’s what you can do to recreate the AWP experience:

First, stock up on wine. You’re going to need a lot of it. Start with half a plastic cup of unfortunately-sharp white as you pull from your shelves every literary journal, small-press book, and poetry collection you own. Arrange the books on your dining or coffee table in a pleasing display. Rearrange three times. Settle on the original arrangement–it should be about the work.

Find the last…

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