Jane Recommends “Parched” via VQR ONLINE

An excerpt from “Parched” by Anna March:

Every departure is a confession, an admission of longing, of desire, of unbridled want. It is also a testament to hope, an act of faith that there is something to be found in the coming place, that the next town will satisfy our thirst. That nourishment is the hope of every voyager who ever traversed a dark sea to make his or her way in a new world, of everyone who rode the Conestoga across hard lands for the promise of the West, of any of us who uproot our lives and arrive hat in hand in a new city saying, “Please.” Take me, accept me, let me, feed me. In short: Love me.


Jane says: The draw of the West, the spellbinding Pacific blue, the threat of wildfires and natural disasters and how even those dangers won’t keep us away—I feel it too.


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